Chelsea speaks at conferences, recovery centers, universities, professional organizations, and yoga studios. She is known for her intelligent, inspiring, and tell-it-like-it-is speaking style, and for weaving together profound personal experiences with her scientific background to deliver deeply moving insights.

Chelsea’s talks cover a wide range of issues and topics. Whether you’re an educator wanting to inspire students on your campus, an eating disorder professional seeking continuing education opportunities, or a parent who wants to understand how to better support your child,  Chelsea’s talks offer insight, inspiration, and humor.

Chelsea’s lectures include:

From 58 Pounds to Thriving:

This talk weaves together an incredible personal story of overcoming adversity (anorexia, alcoholism, foster care) with practical tools for cultivating resilience, no matter how bad circumstances get. Ideal for college students, mental health professionals, and general audiences.  

Resilience, Inner-Superpower: 

This talk, catered specifically for middle and high school youth, uses storytelling to teach kids about the power of resilience. This engaging presentation includes both lecture and interactive exercises and covers topics related to mental illness, bullying, and substance abuse.

Eating Disorders Aren’t Sexy:

For youth or college students, this talk debunks the many myths associated with eating disorders and inspires young people to take a deeper look at their relationship to food, body image, and themselves.

“I Had No Idea,” Eating Disorders on Campus:

The prevalence of food and body image issues on college campuses is alarming: 25% of all college students have eating disorders and 91% have used dangerous weight control behaviors (purging, overexercising, dieting, etc) to lose weight. This talk explores the story of a young college student who lost her life to an eating disorder, as well as four ways that students, faculty, and college processionals can support those who many be suffering in secret.

Effective Storytelling for Professionals:

The most impactful leaders in history — Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Buddha — were individuals who knew how to humanize their mission and inspire action. In this talk, professionals learn how tell stories effectively and with maximum impact — in a way that engages emotions, evokes empathy, and catalyzes action.

Also: Eating Disorders 101 (general audiences & parents), It’s Not a Phase (parents), How to Move from Surviving to Thriving (women/men in early recovery), The Treatment Band-Aid (ED professionals), and Gay Parenting: Advice from Your Future Kid (LGBT parents).

Chelsea can also customize a talk to meet your event’s specific needs.  For more information or to book Chelsea at an upcoming event, please use the form on the contact page.