Chelsea Roff is the Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive. An educator, researcher, and yoga therapist, she has spent nearly a decade developing and delivering integrative health programs for people with mental health challenges.


An award-winning author, Chelsea's writing combines narrative, sociocultural analysis, and science. Read excerpts from her articles and book chapters here.
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Chelsea presents lectures and seminars at conferences, universities, and events internationally. See excerpts from previous talks here.
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Eat Breathe Thrive™ is a non-profit organization that prevents and helps individuals recover from disordered eating and negative body image. Learn more and donate here.
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“Chelsea teaches in such a way that allows for the information to be easily absorbed. She is a brilliant soul who sees you when no one else might. My deep thanks to her for bringing the subject out into the open.”
— Kerstin
“I would recommend EBT training to either yoga teachers interested in learning more how to identify and work with students who may be struggling or are themselves struggling with an ED, disordered eating, or disordered body image. I would also recommend this to therapists interested in using yoga to supplement talk therapy when working with EDs.”
— Jamie, BA. M.Ed Counseling, and Certified Psychoanalyst
Chelsea was able to not only engage us, but also to speak about the science and research behind the interventions utilized. Many of the things I learned I have incorporated into my practice with clients with disordered eating and body image concerns.”
— Brandi
“Chelsea is a fierce leader and offers this amazing program with so much grace, softness, and truth! I am so grateful to be part of this important work and look forward to spreading her message.”
— Demeda
EBT has benefited me in so many ways. I feel empowered with tools to develop compassion for my body and let go of unhealthy, self sabotaging behaviors. I feel driven to share these tools and this sense of community with others. I can’t express enough gratitude and admiration for Chelsea for making this program available.”
— Caitlin
Chelsea is an excellent role model, and not just for young women. Young or old, men or women, all would be inspired by her battle for a healthy life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Chelsea and attended EBT!”
— Lisa
“Chelsea’s ability to share authentically of her story and be vulnerable, created an environment which I found conducive for discussing eating disorder(s). She shed light on a number of “healthy” habits of which I am guilty, which may not actually be so healthy after all. Thanks to Eat Breathe Thrive, I have the courage to admit that I have some shifts to make in my day to day to reflect a life which aligns with what is truly nourishing, and healthy for my well-being.”
— Josette
“EBT with Chelsea was a big eye opener for me. I became aware of the deep struggles we all go through with our own body images and food… how to put an end to it and how to finally have a healthy relationship with our bodies and food! What a gift!”
— Jennilyn
I’m so honored and grateful to have worked (and played) with Chelsea. She cultivates a safe yet challenging environment, and is a living example of what it means to truly THRIVE.”
— Margret
“Chelsea held a safe space for us all to dig deeper, realize our truths, and strengthen our relationships with our higher selves. I was reminded that I am never alone, and most importantly, that I am worthy and deserving of love. We all are.”
— Bridget
“I have a PhD in social work and I’ve been facilitating trainings for over 20 years, and I can say with total honesty that Chelsea has a gift: for storytelling, for igniting inspiration, and for helping people recover from disordered eating with a sensible, intelligent, yet heart-centered approach. She is a wise soul in a young body, and I hope her program continues to grow and thrive.”
— Mara
“Chelsea is so well spoken and brave for putting her life out in front of everyone to show how yoga can aid in healing from an eating disorder. I shed tears, I laughed, I was inspired, and I was vulnerable. I wholeheartedly recommend Eat Breathe Thrive!”
— Lisa
“Chelsea is an amazing young women. She is a great role model and a kind and generous soul.”
-- Alison
One can’t help but be inspired by Chelsea’s story, energy and her work.”
— Lucie
Eat Breathe Thrive has benefited me in so many ways. I feel empowered with tools to develop compassion for my body and let go of unhealthy, self sabotaging behaviors. I feel a sense of peace that I haven’t known in quite some time. I can’t express enough gratitude and admiration for Chelsea and all others who make this program available.”
‒ C, struggles with Anorexia)
“Chelsea presents this offering with the fullness of her heart, the wisdom of her experience, and the brilliance of her spirit. I am leaving this training not only feeling more connected with my own body, but also with the amazing community that is come together and then deepen by this experience. EBT will absolutely inform and enrich my work as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher specializing in eating disorders.”
— Darius Hickman, Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Instructor

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